The Frank J. Romano Foundation grew out of a keen desire to honor our father's memory and continue his legacy of service.  As a member of the NYC Police Department for 23 years, he took his commitment to serve and protect seriously, putting in long hours as he rose through the ranks from patrolman to sergeant of an elite group of detectives. He was often praised for his diligence and ingenuity in devising new ways to deter crime and keep the public safe. As a result he was honored again and again for his dedicated service.



Making your voice heard is essential if you are looking to effect positive change and no one knew that better than our father. He was committed to making his community a better place to live and becoming part of local government allowed him to do just that. His focus on fiscal responsibility was paramount with particular emphasis on streamlining the budget and controlling taxes to help ensure that low and fixed-income residents were not forced out of their homes.

Our father frequently remarked that his experiences volunteering with fellow members of the Italian American Association were one of the most rewarding of his life. Each year he looked forward to delivering Thanksgiving baskets to local families in need, to giving out Christmas gifts to children at House on the Hill, a local daycare center for the children of migrant workers, and to raising money for scholarships given to assist college bound students.


Yet despite these contributions, our father often said his four daughters were his greatest legacy. We hope that our work for the Frank J. Romano Foundation proves him right, embodies what was most important to him, and continues a tradition of civic and social responsibility.